Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Why Supply Chain Professionals are More Important Than Ever

With the world focused on maintaining the flow of essential goods and services as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, this is the time for...



MHI Announces Top Education Seminars of MODEX 2020

The MODEX Education Conference serves to educate the industry on timely and relevant topics for today’s industry professionals. This year MHI is pleased...


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McDonald’s Acquires AI-Powered Omnichannel Personalization Company Dynamic Yield

About Dynamic Yield Dynamic Yield is an AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform that delivers individualized experiences at every customer touchpoint: web, apps, email, kiosks, IoT, and...

COVID-19: The Black Swan has landed

Here’s the situation: The COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound and significantly disruptive impact on the global economy, and as of this writing,...

Lenze Invests in New Ultra-modern Development Site and Logistic Center

UXBRIDGE, MA, MARCH 25, 2019 – Lenze, a global leader and manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technologies, laid...

How to Solve Inventory Pileup?

Regardless of the industry, too much inventory is piling up, robbing companies of working capital and profit. There's a better way. Go to Source Author: [email protected] Source:...

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Improving 3PL Relationships: Finding the right balance of expertise & trust

As Armstrong & Associates’ 6th annual summit gets underway, the consultancy plans on helping shippers gain fresh insights on third-party logistic (3PL) provider trends...