The $800M Autonomous Robo Vehicle That Could Beat Uber


Zoox invites Bloomberg to Take a Look

Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance stopped by Zoox to see what they are all about.

From autonomous slalom tests on a runway to autonomously driving without intervention from Stanford to San Fransisco – check out the video to the right>>

Zoox turns Four

In July 2014, Tim Kentley-Klay came to California to start Zoox with Jesse Levinson and a handful of troublemakers.

Today, Zoox has grown to a crew of over 500 changemakers with vehicles driving autonomously all over the valley.

Zoox Funding

As reported by Alan Ohnsman of Forbes, the stealthy startup made more progress on the financial front, snagging $500 million in a Series B funding round led by Atlassian co-founder and CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes who is also joining the Zoox board.

Led by Australian artist and entrepreneur Kentley-Klay and computer scientist Levinson, the California-based company has now raised nearly $800 million with a goal of launching its branded service in 2020.

The new funds, reported earlier by Bloomberg Businessweek, lift Zoox’s valuation to about $3.2 billion, Kentley-Klay told Forbes.

Building an Autonomous Vehicle

Jalopnik’s Transportation & Technology reporter Ryan Felton mentions that most car and tech companies are working toward self-driving cars by retrofitting vehicles with the necessary gadgetry to make them fully-autonomous.

But this one strangely-named, super ambitious secretive startup wants to build a car of the future for the ground up.

Bloomberg’s Vance also mentions that Zoox wants to build an all-electric car that’s fully-autonomous from the ground up, and then deploy them into a ride-hailing network just like Uber.

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