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By SCMR Staff ·

November 13, 2018

Sales and Operations Planning consistently ranks as one of the top three priorities for management teams. According to industry research, a strong repeatable S&OP process can:

  • Improve Working Capital 15%
  • Increase Forecast Accuracy 20%
  • Grow Revenue 5%

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Executive Summary

Research abounds on the benefits of developing a productive sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. It is one of the most discussed and written-about topics in the world of supply chain management. In countless surveys conducted by industry analyst firms, S&OP consistently ranks as one of the top three priorities for management teams.

S&OP is the decision process used to match a company’s demand to supply, and align its supply chain plans to its business strategy. For many management teams, S&OP initiatives are agents of change that can dramatically reduce costs while improving customer service.

However, there is still a wide gap between a best-in-class and the typical S&OP process in place today. Many companies find it difficult to push past the challenges preventing them from achieving a highly effective S&OP process and realizing the associated benefits.

This white paper reveals many of the common challenges and presents potential ways to overcome them and maximize S&OP success.


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