Automating Multi-Tier Processes, Elemica & crossinx Deliver Chemical Manufacturers Blockchain Pilot


Blockchain Pilot Project

Elemica, a leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, has announced the completion of a successful blockchain pilot project between leading global chemical manufacturers as part of an innovation initiative testing new technologies that will redefine B2B processes and support digital transformation.

In the pilot program, Elemica and crossinx, a network for financial business collaboration solutions, exist as nodes on a public blockchain, connecting structured data with unstructured data, such as documents, to enable multi-tier payment.

In the pilot, two large global chemical companies facilitate document and data transfer of invoices, purchase orders, delivery tenders, and proof-of-delivery posts.

With the ability to connect to a digital network, blockchain functionality can be made accessible to support a many-to-many connection of companies, facilitating payment processing.

“Similar to any new technology, there is a period of learning and evolution before adoption,” said Arun Samuga, CTO of Elemica.

“We like what we see so far and are identifying areas of clear applicability of the technology.”

Elemica’s blockchain pilot project tested the ability to use blockchain to support a many-to-many architecture.

Blockchain technology can be used to break supply chain data out of silos and reveal this information to all trading partners regardless of the network they are connected to.

“Our goal is to use the blockchain to automate document exchange along the supply chain and make it more transparent. This is the basis for our Supply Chain Finance solutions,” explains crossinx CEO and founder Marcus Laube.

The benefits of this capability with blockchain could lead to:

  • Feasibility of employing a trustless, intermediary-free, decentralized standard to exchange information between different stakeholders
  • Simplify existing business processes and make them smarter
  • Auto-ordering based on IoT information
  • Automated PO confirmations
  • Auto-invoice creation based on Pickup or PoD
  • Auto-matching of invoices
  • Auto-payments
  • Extend to other complementary decentralized networks and from IoT devices

The success of the blockchain pilot project shows that the new technologies bring value to supply chains and businesses through the sharing of information, workflows, and economies.

About crossinx

crossinx brings the accounting of private and public sectors to the next level with a business network unique to the German-speaking market. A team of 100 multinational employees help companies digitize their document-based finance and business processes. With over 150,000 connected companies, an invoice volume of 25 billion Euro and an expansion rate of 100%, the company is a leading provider for financial business collaboration.

About Elemica

Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for the process manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, and move. Launched in 2000, customers process over $500B in commerce annually on the network.

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