Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020 Open to U.S. Students for First Time


COLUMBUS, Ind. – (August 21, 2019) – For the first time ever, the formerly European Toyota Logistic Design Competition is open to design students in the United States. Toyota Material Handling Europe is increasing focus on baggage handling at airports, and the company hopes to develop new solutions to address the billions of pieces of baggage being handled at airports around the world each year.


Toyota is calling all design students and recent graduates (2019) around the world to come up with a solution to improve the logistics of baggage handling at airports. The competition seeks both partial and full solutions for baggage handling in the topics of baggage check-in, baggage drop, baggage transport to the terminal, baggage transport to the aircraft and/or baggage arrival at its destination.


“We feel baggage handling at airports is in need of a major makeover,” says Magnus Oliveira Andersson, Head of Design at Toyota Material Handling Europe. “Staying in touch with and listening to young designers is crucial to our success as a design studio. Change is, as they say, the only constant.”


Baggage handling: Can you make it fly?

The competition opens now and welcomes all submissions that reflect the Toyota heritage and brand. The deadline for entries is October 22, after which a panel of professionals working around design and innovation within Toyota (such as Toyota Material Handling, Vanderlande, and Raymond) will evaluate all submissions and determine the finalists. All finalists will get feedback from the panel toward the end of November and a chance to rework their proposals for the final panel session. Experts and industry leaders will make the final decision and select the winners of the competition.


Finalists will be invited to the award ceremony in Sweden and will have their work exhibited at the Hannover Messe in Germany. Additionally, they will be awarded with cash prizes and have the opportunity to apply for a six-month paid internship at the Toyota Material Handling Design Center. To find more information and enter the competition, visit the Toyota Logistic Design Competition page.


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