New Creform workstation with light-guided picking.


Workstation is built for a manufacturer with mixed-model assembly operations.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Greer, SC—Creform Corporation engineers have designed a new workstation that is suitable for assembly operations that require light-guide picking to control process flow and to help reduce errors. The unique workstation also incorporates an ergo lift. Once actuated, the workstation travels up and down and can carry a 1000 lb. capacity with a 12 in. stroke.  An electro-hydraulic system with pushbutton switch provides the activation.


Parts for an assembly operation can be presented on shelves or gravity flow lanes above and below the work surface.  Each part location features light for guided picking.  Each light features a 3-digit display for quantity information as well as a pushbutton or infrared sensor for pick acknowledgement.


The pick-to-light system is self-contained in the workstation and is powered by a basic PC and a controller mounted to side of workstation. 


Picking job recipes are easily created and maintained using simple and easy to understand and manipulate EXCEL templates. A recipe is initiated with a barcode scan. As with this workstation, the barcode can be displayed on a convenient-to-access panel or it could be printed on paperwork such as a manufacturing traveler. Pick-to light technology also helps reduce training time for new associates to pick components and assemble accurately.


The workstation incorporates a half inch black plastic work surface ideal for tools, parts, gauges and paperwork. While overhead LED lights provide illumination. A monitor is centered and in an elevated position for excellent visibility. It can also be used to display graphics that correspond to each step in the job recipe. This could include drawings, photos, work instructions and quality information. 


As are most Creform workstations, this station could be configured for a stand-up or a sit-down position. It features Creform’s unique 42 mm pipe and joints for the base structure for added strength and features a 28 mm upper structure.

Secured to each of the workstation’s four vertical legs is a hydraulic cylinder so the work surface’s height can be varied to optimize the ergonomics for each worker. 


The workstation is on wheels but can be stationary.  The station shown features three 3 in. diameter swivel casters for easy rolling and maneuverability.  All casters, however, lock to secure work station in position. It has an overall dimension of 67″ Wide x 26″ Deep x 81″ Tall, but all Creform workstations it can be easily reconfigured with varying dimension to add to flexibility. A wide variety of pipe colors are available, and accessories include information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, hooks to hang tools and supplies. Creform Structures can be built for ESD for anti-static applications.


The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.



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Keith Soderlund, VP Sales


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