Former C&D Skilled Robotics executives form new company


Robogistics, LLC is an Automation and Manufacturing Group which designs, manufactures, services and integrates Robotic Material Handling Solutions. The entire senior management team, as well as several key employees, of their former company have launched an enterprise that brings more than 120 years of total experience in designing, building and servicing robotic articulating and gantry systems, to bear on the challenges faced by companies in today’s production & distribution logistics businesses.


“We are proud to say that we, as a global team, have not only endured, but are thriving and expanding.  The Robogistics group has opened a manufacturing and R&D facility in Port Arthur, Texas. “We look forward to the challenges of designing new automated solutions, machinery and controls systems which help customers reach their operational goals in this fast-changing industry,” said Salh Wyatt-Khan, former Group President of Skilled Group and GM of C&D Skilled Robotics, and presently President & CEO and co-founder of Robogistics. 



According to JC Caraway, VP of Sales, “We have been fortunate enough to have been awarded large automation jobs in our core competency areas of medium and large robotic gantry automation solutions and systems targeted toward the distribution logistics field, with the goal of developing more innovative types of technology in the years ahead.”


“As a high-value, customer-focused and technology-driven company,” comments Dave Hayes, VP Engineering, “Robogistics will not lose sight of and will continue its vision – to produce extremely effective, high-quality, and leading-edge technology automation solutions and systems which are focused on meeting the operational needs of our global customers.”



On March 30th, 2019 Robogistics LLC, and Skilled Group principals signed a mutual release agreement to dismiss with prejudice all litigation and disputes between the two companies, including publishing “a mutual statement that the parties have resolved their differences with neither party admitting any wrongdoing.” 


“We at Robogistics want to thank all of our loyal customers, partners and suppliers, for their continued support of our new company,” said Salh Wyatt-Khan.  “The team at Robogistics looks forward to continue working with our customers and hopes to have the privilege of working with new suppiers, integrators and product manufacturing customers to address fast moving industry changes in the future.”   



Olivia A Wyatt-Khan








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