Resilience360 and Riskpulse Combine to Create Leading Supply Chain Risk Management Solution


Columbia Capital, Greenspring Associates and DHL recently announced to jointly acquire Riskpulse to scale the business in combination with Resilience360.

Incubated in DHL’s global Innovation Center, Resilience360 provides an end-to-end supply chain risk assessment and monitoring solution. It has become an independently operated company under the management of Rising Tide Digital following an investment by Columbia Capital in 2018.

Riskpulse is designed to help supply chain managers, carriers, distributors, and their shippers increase their on-time performance, reduce unnecessary freight spending and avoid waste caused by operational and natural, social or infrastructure-driven variability. The company’s SaaS solutions quantify and standardize their clients’ understanding of risk across their transportation networks and provide real-world, actionable risk mitigation recommendations up to two weeks before dispatch through to delivery. 

“Risk analytics is central to the creation of the predictive and prescriptive insights that will revolutionize supply chain management,” noted John Siegel, managing partner at Columbia Capital. “Resilience360 and Riskpulse have unique and powerful capabilities to apply risk analytics to operational decision-making at the shipment and network level, both for supplier management and logistics optimization. We are also thrilled to have Greenspring join this venture, given the success of our past co-investments and their extensive network.”

“Since demonstrating that our predictive analytics can deliver provable ROI to some of the most innovative supply chain participants, Riskpulse has seen significant interest from the investment community,” said Simon Woods, CEO of Riskpulse. “Joining the Columbia-led platform creates the greatest value for our clients because, together with growth capital, Columbia, DHL and Greenspring bring a platform ready to scale globally with unique and valuable data assets.”

Katja Busch, DHL’s Chief Commercial Officer noted that “the combination of experienced investors, a seasoned management team, two unique analytics platforms and DHL’s network is powerful and unrivaled in this industry and will play a central role in the digitalization and reinvention of global supply chain management as we continue to innovate with our clients.”

Both companies will operate independently for the short term, leveraging operational efficiencies provided by Rising Tide Digital.

The companies will transition into a single brand and operating structure in 2020 in close consultation with our clients and partners and will be followed by other acquisitions that support our ability to deliver on the promise of supply chain digitalization for their customers.

David Shillingford CEO of Rising Tide Digital added, “The combination and scaling of Riskpulse and Resilience360’s solutions are significant steps towards our most forward-thinking clients’ vision of risk analytics as a central and integrated component of supply chain decision making processes.  It is this sort of predictive and prescriptive analytics that will help power the autonomous supply chains of the future.”

In an interview with SCMR, Shillingford noted that there were several similarities in corporate culture which enabled this partnership.

“From a culture and philosophy perspective, Resilience360 and Riskpulse both grew and developed their solutions in very close collaboration with their global customers,” he said.  “his concurrent strategy resulted in solutions that directly address and mitigate supply chain disruptions that directly affect operations and commerce, making for a natural fit between the two companies.”

Shillingford added that his team at Rising Tide Digital has been aware of and impressed by Riskpulse for a number of years—particularly their focus on predictive analytics—and continually tracked their progress.

“After taking over management of Resilience360 in late 2018, we took note of the way in which both companies complemented each other and started discussions with Riskpulse and our investors to combine the organizations and move forward together as one holistic supply chain risk management company,” he said.

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