The Consumer-Direct Strategy for Manufacturers – Bypassing Retail


Thursday, June 4, 2020 12:00PM

Bob Trebilcock, Editorial Director, Supply Chain Management Review

Joe Bellini, COO, One Network Enterprises
Tom Lee, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Lovesac


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With retail storefronts under siege and foot traffic down for the foreseeable future, the smart move for manufacturers is to strengthen consumer-direct channels.

In this webinar, we’ll describe ways to help you better match supply and demand, increase your real-time responsiveness, and put in place world-class logistics execution capabilities. All of which will improve service levels, create a great customer experience, increase loyalty and market share.

We’ll discuss real-world case studies and real-world situations for regional and global enterprises. We’ll explain how to manage multiple channels on a single platform, with integrated logistics management from first mile to last. You’ll learn how to end the customer frustration of having product orders arrive piecemeal. You’ll walk away knowing how you can master your full supply chain, from raw materials to doorstep delivery.

Join us for insights on how to ensure crisp execution, gain market share, and protect revenue growth in these challenging times by going direct-to-consumer (D2C).


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