JSCM Video: Informal exchanges, formal sourcing


Editor’s note: This video is collaboration between the Journal of Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Management Review. Each month, we bring SCMR readers a video interview from the pages of JSCM. 

In this month’s video, the Journal of Supply Chain Management talks to Jiachun Lu about her research with Lutz Kaufmann and Craig R. Carter entitled “How Informal Exchanges Impact Formal Sourcing Collaboration (and What Supply Managers Can Do about It).”

Boundary‐spanning supply managers continually engage in formal and informal interactions with colleagues from other functions both before and during formal collaborations in sourcing teams. Sometimes those managers accept the advise of their colleagues and sometimes not.
In their research, the authors examine what happens when informal advice is rejected, the impact on a sourcing team and what supply managers can do about it.

Be sure to check out the video, and access the full article here.

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