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Editor’s note: This video is collaboration between the Journal of Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Management Review. Each month, we bring SCMR readers a video interview from the pages of JSCM. 

In this month’s video, the Journal of Supply Chain Management talks to Ivan Russo, Daniel Pellathy – a frequent contributor to SCMR, and Ayman Omar about their research into reverse logistics entitled Managing outsourced reverse supply chain operations: Middle‐range theory development.

Without question, one of the unintended consequences of the rise of e-commerce has been an increase in the volume of returns flowing back to manufacturers and distributors. The result is that efficient and effective reverse supply chain operations are more important than ever. While some shippers manage returns internally, many work with third party providers.

The authors note that relatively little is known about how companies define their approach to managing outsourced RSC operations and how outcomes vary across different approaches. Their research delves deeply into the “how” and “when” of reverse supply chain operations, and develop a framework that explains and predicts the way in which different approaches to managing outsourced reverse supply chain operations yield different results.

Be sure to check out the video, and access the full article here.

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