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In this episode of The Rebound, Dale Chrystie, blockchain strategist with FedEx, discusses the development of blockchain, and why this technology has the potential to transform supply chains. ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock are hosts.

There are a lot of exciting new technologies in the supply chain management toolbox, everything from robotics to robotic process automation. The challenge for supply chain professionals in this new landscape is to identify which technology can transform a process and deliver real value for their organization.

Blockchain is one of the technologies that practitioners are still trying to make sense of. While there’s a lot of excitement around the technology, some might say hype, it can be difficult to figure out why it’s different – and better – than legacy solutions already in place.

On this episode of The Rebound, Dale Chrystie joins hosts Abe Eshkenazi and Bob help us understand why blockchain should be on our roadmap, and where managers might find value along with the potholes that can slow down adoption.

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Bob Trebilcock

Bob Trebilcock, editorial director, has covered materials handling, technology, logistics and supply chain topics for nearly 30 years. In addition to Supply Chain Management Review, he is also Executive Editor of Modern Materials Handling. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Trebilcock lives in Keene, NH. He can be reached at 603-357-0484.

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