ASCM supports executive order on sustainable public health supply chain


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On behalf of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Board of Directors and 45,000 global members, ASCM has issued the following statement in support of the executive order signed by President Biden on a sustainable public health supply chain. 

“Similar to how our healthcare professionals are consulted to make decisions about the composition of the vaccines, it is the supply chain professionals who can determine the best way to distribute the vaccines, which includes managing the supplies needed to address PPE shortages.” 

“As we’ve seen it’s very difficult to address this pandemic on a city-by-city, state-by-state basis. We applaud this executive order calling to maximize public-private partnerships among government, healthcare, manufacturing and supply chain/logistics professionals to work together.”

“Our mission as a nonprofit organization is educating companies throughout the world on the critical need to build supply chain resilience to help respond to the supply chain shocks we have seen throughout this pandemic while preparing for longer-term risks. We are grateful the new administration has put in place a plan to design, build and sustain a long-term capability to manufacture supplies for future pandemics and threats.”

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