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Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recognizes infrastructure projects around the U.S. that it considers to be Gamechangers — innovative projects and programs that move infrastructure modernization forward.  Among this year’s ASCE Gamechanger award recipients is the Port of Los Angeles for its Port Optimizer, a digital portal providing real-time, data-driven insights for improving port performance and predictability

“The efficiency of our nation’s ports is essential to delivering goods in a timely manner and keeping the economy moving,” says Jean-Louis Briaud, Ph.D., P.E., ASCE President. “While many of our efforts to prevent backlogs at these facilities is focused on dredging and the design of intermodal connectors, software can play a major role in keeping track of containers.

Developed in partnership with Wabtec Corp, the Port Optimizer is a cloud-based information portal that digitizes maritime shipping data for cargo owners and supply chain stakeholders through a secure single access point. The Port Optimizer was first introduced by the Port in 2016. Since that time, three other digital applications have been added under the Port Optimizer umbrella.

John McLaurin, president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association welcomed the news, but notes that relieving port congestion will require every part of the supply chain to work in unison.

“Cargo owners must expedite their ordering for pick-up of containers; warehouses and distribution centers must open to accept containers and quickly return equipment; and trucking and rail must increase their capacity to move containers out of the ports,” he concludes.


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