Friday, May 29, 2020

Amazon Prime Air Will Grow to 200 Planes Rivaling UPS FedEx

0’s Prime Air fleet will grow to about 200 planes, up from 42 now, in the next seven or eight years, creating an air...

Walmart Ecommerce Sales Rose 74% in First Quarter – Shuts Down

Walmart reported stronger-than-expected first-quarter earnings today, driven by a surge in e-commerce and higher traffic in stores as the coronavirus pandemic sparked massive purchases...

The Global State of Last Mile (COVID-19) Distribution in 2020

The only way to survive and thrive in this omnichannel, contactless era lies in understanding the impacts that are reshaping the state of last-mile...

FedEx and Microsoft Join Forces to Compete Against Amazon for Package Shipping

FedEx Corp. and Microsoft Corp. are teaming up to provide commercial shipping customers with early warnings of delays from weather, traffic, and other mishaps,...

Seven Supply Chain Processes To Stop Doing In The Pandemic – Supply Chain Shaman

I remember standing in the temperature screening queue in Doha. As the line wound around multiple stations, my backpack cut into my...

Pooling Freight Is Helping Shippers Maximize Spend During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed some hard truths about supply chain management - Flock Freight’s pooling method is providing solutions. Source

FedEx’s Fred Smith Optimistic About Economic Recovery as Ecommerce Business Booms

FedEx Corp. is seeing a recovery of industrial shipments and hiring 4,000 workers a week to handle a flood of e-commerce packages, making Chief...

Viability of High-Tech Data-Heavy Freight Forwarding Models

A wave of digital disruption surfaced in the freight forwarding sector a few years ago, with startups, suppliers, and even shippers using new technologies...

Digital Freight Platform Prioritizes Shipping Essential Goods

Logistics technology company Flock Freight has prioritized shipping essential goods via its digital freight platform and has reached 12,000 pooled shipments along with new...

The Current State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Industry experts and analysts discuss how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go down the path to complete digitalization of...